Diamonds' Sandman Bring Me a Dream

Born July 8th, 2012

Weight 7 lbs. 14 oz



Mr Sandman came to us from  Elko Nevada. We were trying to find a english cream male small enough for one of our ladies that is under 8 lbs. Sandman weighs in at just under 8 lbs, so we had to have him. Sandman is a cream dapple with a great pedigree.


Dan-Van's Bryson

May 1st, 2013

Weight 11 lbs 5 oz












 Bryson came to us from Dabrens Dachshunds. His dads name is Bryce and him being the son of Bryce only seemed logical to name him Bryson. Bryson sires some wonderful pups with great temperments. We're glad to have him here in our program.

Dan Van's Toby Cream Of The Crop

Born July 15th, 2013

Weight 11 lbs


















Toby came to us from Bountiful Dachshunds in Alabama. He is a beautiful long haired black and cream. Toby has white on his chest known as a tuxedo. He has white on one foot also so he may be showing for piebald.Toby has some U.K. in his pedigree and we're excited to have him here in our breeding program.

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Our Gents

Toby at 7 weeks old


CinJay's Brady Get Er Done At Dan Van's (AKA Brady) is our new Grand Champion. He comes from Cinjay's Kennels. He is out of Pramada and Koradox lines. This guy has been so much fun to show. He's working on his Grand Champion Bronze and will likely get that this year.