Our Ladies

Dan Van's Bella

Born November 22nd 2015

Bella is our newest edition to our ladies. We can't wait for her to mature so we can get her in our breeding program. We aquired Bella from a good breeder friend in Missouri. She is from Garridachs.

WCC Darlin Golden Diva

Born June 10th, 2013

Weight 10 lbs 5 oz

Goldie came to us from Hot Springs, Arkansas. She was exactly what we were looking for in a long haired cream girl. Lots of creams in her pedigree. She has the sweetest disposition and so gentle. Can't get by this one unless you are ready to rub her belly.

Gizmo's Little Miss Cocoa

Born April 1st, 2013

Weight 11 lbs 9 oz












Cocoa came to us from Pam Freeman from Oologah, Oklahoma. Cocoa is a solid chocolate long hair with no tan points. Cocoa is what is known as a broken coat dachshund meaning her coat is not long or short but in between. She is very beautiful and has produced piebald puppies in the past. Always excited to see what her pups are when born.

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