Sales Contract / Health Guarantee 

Breed: Mini Dachshund        AKC # ______________    Sex: M / F

Whelped: ____________      Color: ______________

Sire: ________________      Dam: ______________

                                                                    Full / Limited / Pet Price: $________
                                                                  Deposit (non-refundable): $200.00  
                                                                                            Shipping: $________


                                                                                                  Total: $________ 




Thank you for the purchase of your new family member from us and we welcome you into our dachshund family.  We are including our health guarantee for your information and peace of mind.  We have raised all of our dachshunds with love and care.  We want you to enjoy them and love them as we have. 

Deposit: The deposit to hold a puppy is $200.  Once the deposit has been received, the puppy then becomes unavailable to sell to any other party, and therefore the DEPOSIT IS NONREFUNDABLE. In the event something should happen to the puppy that the deposit was placed on, the buyer will be notified, and deposit is then transferable to one of similar price/sex/coat/color/pattern. The deposit is applied to the purchase price of the puppy. The puppy does need to be paid for in full prior to leaving breeders possession. No puppy shall be picked up or shipped until the remaining balance is paid in full (payment method: cash,  US Postal money order or PayPal (add 3%), for final payment. 

By purchasing or placing a deposit, the purchaser agrees to the contract of Dan Van's Dachshunds and/or Dan Pinegar (breeder/seller).

This guarantee applies to the original purchaser only. It is not transferable and will become null and void if the puppy is sold, leased, or in any other way transferred to a third party or if the puppy is no longer under the direct care, custody and control of the original buyer.

There are no cash refunds, all sales are Final. 

You must have your new puppy examined by your vet within 3 days (72 hrs) of delivery to validate the health guarantee. This health guarantee is null and void if buyer does not follow through with vet exam within the 72 hrs of leaving breeders possession. 

This guarantee is between seller and buyer listed above.  As the buyer you agree to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving your puppy.  If the puppy is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation of the condition is presented to the seller in those same 72 hours, the seller shall refund 100% of the purchase price, provided the puppy and registration papers are returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense. 

This puppy is guaranteed to be free of genetic/hereditary defects by 12 months of age.  The determination of what constitutes a hereditary defect is to be made by the unanimous agreement of two Veterinarians agreeable to both parties.  Cost of the opinions is to be assumed by the buyer.  The seller will replace this puppy if it dies up to 12 months of age due to any hereditary defects if the following conditions are met.  Buyer must consult with seller within 24 hours of any illness.  Buyer must have autopsy performed within 24 hours of death.   Under no circumstances is seller to be held responsible for medical services.

The breeder/seller has taken proper precautions to prevent infectious disease, but is not responsible for any parasite, bacteria, or viruses that are not in the control of breeder/seller or buyer. 
The breeder does not guarantee against stress related illnesses. Buyer is aware that shipping a puppy can be stressful for the puppy. The puppy may vomit and aspirate some vomit. 

The seller is not responsible for any veterinary expenses.  

No guarantee will be given as to adult size, color, confirmation, trainability, or breeding ability. Our puppies are given all necessary shots and wormed regularly according to their age.

All puppies sold on pet only meaning no papers or limited AKC registration, AKC limited papers will be provided once spay/neuter letter from your veterinarian has been provided. Full AKC registration may be available to approved breeders. 

By signing this contract, you the buyer, agree to contact us if you are unable to keep this puppy.  This puppy is not being sold to you for resale purposes.  The breeder / seller listed below must be given first right of refusal before this puppy can change hands.  This is to make sure that one of our little babies does not end up in a shelter or a puppy mill!!


Signed and dated this ______ day of __________________, 20____

BREEDER SIGNATURE:____________________________________

BUYER SIGNATURE: ______________________________________

Home address: ___________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________

Phone # : ________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________

Enjoy your new family member!!  Please feel free to call me if there are any problems or if you have any questions. 

Thank you,
Dan Pinegar​


This contract will be signed and dated at the time you pick up your puppy.